• Promoting cultural diversity

Our Culture is the bedrock of our existence and without it we would be nowhere. It is our Identity everywhere we go. As a people, is important we uphold that and preserve it to the fullest.

  • Preserving the Serer Culture

There are a lot of lost cultural values in the Serer culture as result of the intermarriages, immigration, peer groups and many more. Our research shows that intermarriages is one of the top reason why many couldn’t speak the Serer dialect especially those born and raised within the greater Banjul area. In our traditional homes, we do speak a lot of Serer language but immediately we step out of that home we start to speak others. That been said, we have to strive hard to enlighten the younger generation to learn and speak it to the best of their ability. We want to see a society where a lot of serer activities will happening like, wrestling, Ngel( live drumming shows), Ngerin (Night life shows) and a lot more.

  • Teaching the serer language

Among goals is to set up a state-of-the-earth mobile app that will be easy to use and will have all the necessary things needed to speak Serer. There is also a recent publication from the Serer resource center which can be very helpful to beginners.

see the link: ( The Serer people are mostly found around the senegambia area and Muritania but lately we have come across people who are so keen in knowing the serer people especially religion. This has given us another insight that they are among us and we ought to share every bit of information with them.

  • Promoting and helping small start up business to have a wider audience.

Africans are also face with marketing their businesses to the outside world. With the help of our partners in America and rest of the world, we intent to bring in small business and promote them online where they will accessible to many. They can sell their goods and service with the help of our website through credit cards and have it ship to every destination regardless where they are ordering from.

  • The other goal is to help people manage their finances once they begin to get paid for their wares- investment advice Principally speaking, I want to suggest the people use their money to buy silver coins – to use as investment or as currency. This would give them an unsinkable money system.They sell online and we help them buy a silver coin with the proceeds that they can trade as money – real inflation proof money.
O'Fok Serer