On the Thursday, November 22, 2018 we registered as Taxpayer and received our Tax Identification certificate. The incorporation certificate will follow suit. stick to this website for all the later information about projects.

SeneGambian-American Cultural Week

Senegambian-American cultural week is an exchange program organized by the O’Fok Serer American chapter which annually sent in students across America who mostly are on their final year in university to come to Africa and exchange cultural values. It is usually grace by organizing series of activities like Traditional Serer Drumming, Wrestling contest, outreach programs to the provinces and follow by a seminar where various issues affecting young people. 

 This is one way in exchanging our cultures and plans are made for the series of activities to take place next year. 

One of our goals would be to build several boreholes to needed Serer Communities in the Gambia. Clean water is a basic human need and we want our people to live in a society free from unclean water.


  • If the underground water is pure, natural and mainly accumulated from rain, the  water is free of added chemicals, micro-organisms and rich in minerals
  • Water from a borehole is available around the clock
  • In rural areas women are usually responsible for collecting water and they benefit by having a borehole as it lightens the burden of carrying water over long distances, saves time and reduces the danger of having to walk alone to fetch water
  • Households and communities with boreholes are self reliant, they determine and manage their water usage and they do not have to adhere to municipal water restrictions
  • Boreholes are beneficial to agricultural projects, farming activities and even construction projects.  Water is used for irrigation, maintaining parks and gardens, for crops, livestock and for construction purposes.

Borehole For The Serer Communities


We have a weekly Radio show on Star FM 96.6 every Sunday from 7:00PM-8:00PM with Saul Ndong. We talked about the Serer cultural Heritage and issues relating to the Serer community at large. It is a platform where various historians and elderly people are invited to share their experience on the Serer dialect.


The O’Fok Serer Foundation be will constructed and many facilities within it. There will be an office complex for the smooth running of our activities. This is very important because is where all the work shall be carry out with the most professional workers.


Among the needs of every community is a market where buying and selling will take place. It is part of our everyday life and in the Gambia, first thing women does in the morning is to go to the market and shop for the family needs. This is the place they got all their vegetables and groceries on a daily basis and those than can afford it can shop for a whole week. However, Jai AK Jenda is a social platform where Small scale businesses showed case there businesses to reach a wider market. We are on Facebook with 7000 active members who post their goods on a daily basis. Our partners in America will help bring these small scale businesses to sell their goods to the European and American market. Locally made products like arts&craft, processed food items, Africans Atayas etc will be displayed with colorful and advertising them for free.



A research center is one of our top goals in this organization since most of our work is done through it. The Serer dialect is very rich in cultural and everything we did will be store in this center with various arts of different ethnic group and their way of life. There will be sort of a space for the community to carry out their activities like seminars,meetings, programs etc. This we believe will help to build a better relationship with our work and the community.

The O’fok Serer will build a state-of-the-earth school in the community will be operating to benefit the community. The Importance of education cannot be over emphasize and one way to take us forward to give quality education to the future generation. This school will be equip with modern learning facilities and having a training center for learning of different skills. Bright students graduating will be awarded scholarship to study abroad and become good medical practitioners and doctors.



The O’fok Serer are developing a state-of-the-earth mobile app in the serer Language to teach the Serer dialect across all levels. We will bring well known Serer Authors and integrate well develop app that will enable the younger generation to speak the Language and learn about our ways. This will help in sending a clear message across the continent while learning their cultures too.



We are accepting donations from able organization and institution or people. Our activities involve a lot of Finance and we will be grateful for your kind donation.


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