Our vision is to create an environment of cultural exchange by bringing international participation to a wider content where we will share issues related to culture, religion and help to the community.

Mission Statement

O’Fok Serer is an international organization Connecting cultures through cultural exchange helping able neighbours to bring their wares to the global marketplace help victims of fire and flooding disaster, child education and work hard in preserving the Serer Language and social tides. We will be working in connecting Serer association by helping the formulation of their policies and assist when needed.
Our mission will be interfacing our culture with the modern world in such a way that your culture is not eaten by it.


The founders of the organization is Arfang Bobb from the Gambia who is a professional in the telecom industry and also a researcher of the Serer people. The Co-Founder is Jacob Thompson from the United States of America. A professional musician and spiritual researcher. 


We are accepting donations from able organization and institution or people. Our activities involve a lot of Finance and we will be grateful for your kind donation.

O'Fok Serer